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Gravity Forms Error

I keep trying to setup a notification when a form is submitted but I'm not getting the emails. When I go back in to edit the notification, it is not there. It's like it is not saving that. Then I noticed this on the notifications page: function WP_List_Table::get_columns() must be over-ridden in a sub-class. Any idea what that means?

Note: It is saving the submissions in the entries area of the plugin.

There is a simple fix for this without upgrading Gravity Forms, but you'd have to edit a plugin file for Gravity Forms.

in notification.php, in the class

GFNotificationTable extends WP_List_Table { ...

Add this method:

    function get_columns() {
        $columns = array(
                'name' => 'Name',
                'subject' => 'Subject'
        return $columns;

The same solution can be applied to any plugin where you're seeing this problem. The columns array just needs to match the names set as $this->_column_headers.

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