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Separate dev and prod Firebase environment

I am considering using Firebase as MBaaS, however I couldn't find any reliable solution to the following problem:

I would like to set up two separate Firebase environment, one for development and one for production, but I don't want to do manual copy of features (eg. remote configuration setup, notification rules, etc.) between the development and production environment.

Is there any tool or method I can rely on? Setting up remote configuration or notification rules from scratch can be daunting task and too risky.

Any suggestions? Is there a better approach than having two separate environments?

I'm not currently using Firebase, but considering it like yourself. Looks like the way to go is to create a completely separate project on the console. There was a blogpost up recommending this on the old Firebase site, looks to be removed now though.

Also this discussion recommending same:!msg/firebase-talk/L7ajIJoHPcA/7dsNUTDlyRYJ

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