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How to install MySQL workbench?

Installing MySQL workbench on 10.04 or 10.10 is not a problem, as the deb packages are available on MySQL's website. But there is no 11.04 deb package available.

So, how do I install MySQL workbench on 11.04 and keep it updated automatically when updates become available to ubuntu via apt-get update.

You can download a zip archive of MySQL 5.6 from here (

When you unzip you end up with something like this

enter image description here

Now, from a "Command Prompt", you can go inside bin with cd c:mysql-5.6.41-winx64in and run mysqld.exe, you'll see something like starting as process 16424 ... I suggest to keep this window open or minimized, but is not necessary for MySQL to keep running in background.

By default it runs on localhostport 3306 with a user root with no password. You can use this info when you connect from Navicat and when you setup the datasource in CF Administrator.

To gracefully stop the MySQL server instance, open a "Command Prompt", again inside bin, and run

mysqladmin.exe -u root shutdown

Update (to run as service automatic at system restart)

  • Add the path of bin directory (c:mysql-5.6.41-winx64in) to your Path system environment variable
  • Open command prompt as Administrator
  • Run, mysqld –install
  • Go to system Services, find the MySQL in the list
  • Right click on MySQL then on Properties
  • Click on Start (also you can select Startup type as Automatic)
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