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How to turn on Bash History at server level?

I am having trouble in getting history on my up arrows. My inputrc file has got the configurations, "e[5~": history-search-backward "e[6~": history-search-forward The variables, HISTFILE, HISTFILESIZE and HISTSIZE are all set. when I run the exec bash command, the history is getting turned on for that current shell, but comes back to the previous setting on a re-log-in. How to turn on history on server level. Please help!!

You can use

history -a

to immediately append the in-memory history to the history file. One terminal session can't see another's unless this is done or the other is exited.

You can use

history 200 | less

to see that number of entries.

In addition to HISTSIZE see the entry in the Bash man page concerning HISTFILESIZE.

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