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Use Geofirex with React - Native and rnfirebase

I'm Creating a React native App and I am using React Native Firebase (rnfirebase). I making an app that uses firestore to store a list of items that are near a user. I want to use geoqueries in firestore to retrieve nearby items.

Do I have to install firebase again using the web SDK from the official firebase, or can I just use the rnfirebase and firestore that I have already set up?

Thanks for any help.

I have Decided to use Geofirestore instead, as it has more downloads then GeoFirex and the api looks to be good.


Just to clarify I'm using React Native0.57.2, Geofirestore2.2.2 and it works with rnfirebase5.0.0


You'll need to make sure when you upload the locations in firestore that you import using 'import { GeoFirestore } from "geofirestore"'. Geofirestore saves the data in firestore as a pair longitude and latitude. You can also upload other data that relates to the item such as 'name', 'model', 'year', etc. You don't need to install firebase again. You can use the firestore and just install the geofirestore node module.

Hope this helps.

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