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How to have multiple CSS advances on an element?

It's a pretty straightforward question but I can't find very good documentation on the CSS transition properties. Here is the CSS snippet:

    .nav a
    line-height:1.5 em;
    text-shadow: 0 -1.5em 0 rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.15);
    -webkit-transition: color .2s linear;
    -moz-transition: color .2s linear;
    -o-transition: color .2s linear;
    transition: color .2s linear;
    -webkit-transition: text-shadow .2s linear;
    -moz-transition: text-shadow .2s linear;
    -o-transition: text-shadow .2s linear;
    transition: text-shadow .2s linear;

.nav a:hover
    text-shadow: 0 1.5em 0 rgba(247, 147, 30, 0.15);

As you can see, the transition properties are overwriting eachother. As it stands, the text-shadow will animate, but not the color. How do I get them both to simultaneously animate? Thanks for any answers.

Transition properties are comma delimited in all browsers that support transitions:

.nav a {
  transition: color .2s, text-shadow .2s;

ease is the default timing function, so you don't have to specify it. If you really want linear, you will need to specify it:

transition: color .2s linear, text-shadow .2s linear;

This starts to get repetitive, so if you're going to be using the same times and timing functions across multiple properties it's best to go ahead and use the various transition-* properties instead of the shorthand:

transition-property: color, text-shadow;
transition-duration: .2s;
transition-timing-function: linear;
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