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How would I completely expel mysql-server on Debian?

I figured I'd share my question here and then answer, as there seems to be many people stuck in my position - but no definitive answer. The problem is, if you apt-get remove mysql-server, it does not clean up the configuration and database files, so if you've somehow screwed them up, then installing again, will not replace them. So there seems to be many people asking "how do I completely remove mysql-server, so that I can re-install a fresh?" -- everyone answers with apt-get remove --purge mysql-server -- I'm not sure why, but this does not fully uninstall. My answer follows...

You can also use dpkg -P to achieve this

From the dpkg man page

 -P or --purge removes everything, including configuration files.
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removing mysql-server does not work because mysql-server is just a metapackage that depends on the specific server version

apt-get remove --purge 'mysql-.*'


apt-get remove --purge 'mysql-server.*'

will do the trick.

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