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Hi everyone,

I developed my first android app, so i will describe it and the problem briefly...

It's a song book app. The app reads lines from text file that contains numbers and tile of the song then puts that data to an ArrayList that is used to set up the RecyclerView. When the certain item is clicked it checks for the song number that is in array list item and then based on that opens and reads text from a file that is named for example 23.txt. I have three languages (menu items) that can be checked in navigation menu, they have click listeners that change the current list for the RecyclerView. The problem is that when the third language (menu item) is checked whatever the first item is in the RecyclerView it throws an exception that the file doesn't exist (while it exists in the assets folder, and works for all other items in the list) and occasionally it says (on Samsung Galaxy A8):

Class not found when unmarshalling: ....

I tried these solutions on stackoverflow but none of them seem to solve the problem:

So I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to check my code and maybe see what did I do wrong. (Having in mind this is my first "serious" app, a lot of things could be done wrong...)

Song text files are in: app/src/main/assets

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